Week 4: Writing The Draft, Gaining Momentum and Focusing On One Thing

book coaching writing writing a book in 14 weeks Oct 02, 2023

What a week it's been. I've spent the last week travelling around Switzerland, taking in the country's breathtaking views. On one hand, it's been surreal, but on the other, I'm out of an accustomed writing routine.

After a challenging week last week, the draft of my manuscript is coming along nicely. Over the last seven days, I managed to pump out just over 10,000 words just by focusing on one thing - writing.
I spent roughly eight hours on my draft, which works out to be, on average, almost 1.15 hours per day working on my book. It means I'm well on track to finish my draft manuscript in about 2-3 weeks.

The last few weeks, I've given you an update on the challenges I've faced, but this week, I want to let you in on a little bit about the book. My new book will have three parts.

Part 1: Writing Your Book
This is where I'll teach you how to get in the writing mindset, validate your book idea, and prepare you to write your draft manuscript in four weeks. You'll learn how to structure your nonfiction book to make writing almost effortless. The first section takes the ideas you have in your head and uses them to create a book that makes an impact.

Part 2: Pre Publication
Before publishing your book, you need to know the key investments to make: editing, cover design, and formatting are the three key tools to deliver an incredible book to your audience. During the pre-publication phase, I teach you how to price your book, select the right categories and keywords to hit the bestseller charts and upload and launch your book for maximum success.

Part 3: Post Publication
After you launch your book, the job isn't done. Post-publication, I teach you how to market your book to your audience so you can grow your business, earn royalties and bring in an insane amount of leads. You'll also learn how to get more reviews and set up book-earning funnels for long-lasting success.


By The Numbers

All in all, it was a productive week despite being on holiday. I'm probably just a touch behind schedule but I'll make up for that in the next week. Soon I'll start getting my cover designed and nailing down an editor - I'll let you know what that looks like when the time comes.


Total Time Spent: 8 Hours

Word Count: 10,120 words

Total Word Count: 20,307


Draft Manuscript Weekly Updates

Week 1: 6,267 words

Week 2: 3,920 words

Week 3: 10,120 words


One of the most common questions I hear from writers looking to publish their books is how to write consistently without losing momentum. It's cliche, but the reality is to focus on one thing and break it down into small to medium blocks of time. I managed to get 10,000 words in from writing just over an hour a day (on average).

You can do the same.




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