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 Actionable Tips That Help Develop Your Work and Life



Across this page you will find articles and resources to help optimize your work and your life. Here are the topics where you can benefit from my work:


Habit Development: How to develop systems and apply them.


Productivity: How we can improve performance and become more efficient in work and life.


Goal Setting: The ability to know what it is you want and how to reach it.


Athlete Inspiration: A personal interest of mine on how athletes overcome adversity, improve performance and achieve greatness.


I do not allow guest posts across my site. My main goal is to write for people who are curious, inspired, or committed to increasing their performance and happiness. More specifically, I write for people who’d like to know how to live an effective life.¬†


I share new articles every Monday where you can be the first to receive new content.


No matter if you’re a business owner, an athlete, a student, or someone looking to improve themselves – you can get actionable tips and advice each week to build on your day to day living.




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All of us have experienced unproductive days at one point in time. Sometimes we feel as though we're trying to get through everything on our schedule, but the more we get through, the more we have left. Other times we don't feel motivated enough, so...

Have you ever struggled to find a new TV show to watch? Nowadays, there are plenty of options for us to choose from, you'd think it would be easy. When searching for something new, we're spoilt for choice where algorithms are set up based on...

Vanilla or chocolate? Call or text? We all have the ability to make choices quickly and automatic, becoming reliant on the mental shortcuts our brains have developed over the years in guiding us towards our preferred course of action. Those are the simple, easy decisions...

Throughout our lives, we consistently create personal challenge challenges for ourselves. Some come in stages; for example, buying a car, building a house, or getting a promotion. Others can be set up through daily actions; like waking up early, eating healthy or getting to the...

When I first started writing, I would produce work but never put it out because of a perceived lack of interest. In my mind, I'd never stop worrying about whether the my next article would be received well by my audience. The more I wrote,...

Multitasking is a practice that contributes to becoming overwhelmed and burnt out. It's something you and I have struggled with at some point in our lives. After reading Greg Mckeown's best-selling book "Essentialism", my understanding of multitasking has shifted. I initially viewed it as a...