Week 2: The Introduction, Being Out Of Routine, An Important Lesson

book coaching writing writing a book in 14 weeks Sep 19, 2023
week two of writing and publishing a non-fiction book

It's six in the morning here, and I'm sitting at one of the Kuala Lumpur lounges waiting for the connecting flight to London. If there's one thing I've learned over the last week, a routine can quickly go out the window when your focus shifts not just in writing - but in life in general. 

I made a promise to myself and you that I would show you how I write and publish a book over the next 14 weeks. I knew the first month would be challenging, being on a 'sightseeing' holiday for five weeks. But that's what makes me want to get this book done. I want to prove that you can make time to write and publish your book, and it won't take as long as you think.

Week 1 was all about the writing process. I gathered all my materials, mind-mapped my topics on paper and started organising my chapters. I locked in (as much as I could) on the writing this week. 


What I did for the week

1. I wrote my introduction. The introduction of a book serves as the gateway to a powerful reading experience. Your introduction is what shapes readers' expectations and determines whether or not they'll continue reading. I know the introduction I wrote isn't set in stone. When I finish my rough draft, it will be tweaked - but you want to use the introduction as guidance while writing. (30 minutes)


2. I started working my way down the list of chapters. I use Scrivener to organise my ideas, then tick them off after finishing each chapter. At this stage, the average word count of each chapter is 1000-2000 words. The reason is my book is a how-to and a practical step-by-step process. The chapters are designed for action, so I want the reader to quickly refer back when needed without being overwhelmed. (approx 5 hours) 


Challenges faced

I mentioned before that routine is challenging when you're on holiday. But I've accepted that I can't write during my usual times, so I've opted to write on planes and trains where possible. I figured I could still get some work done while being fully present on my holiday - because travelling between countries can be incredibly boring! 


Total time spent on my book

Introduction: 60 minutes

Chapters 1-4: 5 hours

Word Count: 6,267


Lesson For You

The best advice I got when learning to write a book is never to edit as you go. When you write, you want to write free. If you're going back and forth, you lose momentum and struggle with the confidence to keep going. 


Action Step For You

Write your book introduction and send it to me at [email protected] 

I'll have a look at it and give you a couple of pointers in making it powerful.


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