Why Are You Writing Your Motivational Book?

book coaching writing Jul 11, 2023
why write your motivational book

So you've been thinking about writing a book? Or perhaps maybe you've already started?

When beginning your book writing journey, it's essential to clarify your goals and motivations. I know first hand the struggles of writing without a reason. Writing becomes arduous and a chore. By identifying a purpose, the writing process can be guided, meaning your words resonate with readers on a profound level. So who are you writing for? Is it to establish yourself as a thought leader? Or maybe it's to attract new clients? Here you'll find some of those WHY motivations, so you can get clearer in your book idea and write with confidence and conviction.


Establish Thought Leadership

One major goal of writing a nonfiction book is to establish oneself as a thought leader within a particular field. Through researching and presenting valuable knowledge and insights, you can demonstrate your expertise. By offering unique perspectives and thought-provoking ideas, you can contribute to the intellectual discourse and shape conversations within your industry. Establishing thought leadership allows you to inspire critical thinking and promote innovation among your audience. 


Attracting New Opportunities

Writing a book also serves as a way to attract new opportunities and collaborations. When you share your expertise, experiences, and insights, you're demonstrating the value you bring to current and future clients. A book acts as a tangible representation of knowledge and credibility, helping establish trust in your industry. This type of credibility opens doors to professional collaborations, a wider audience, and speaking engagements which will no doubt expand your network and create new avenues for growth.


Inspiring and Empowering Others

The primary motivation for writing a nonfiction is to inspire and empower others. Regardless of whether you want to prove to yourself you can become an author, when you offer practical guidance, motivation, and encouragement, you ignite a spark within those that read your book. Personal anecdotes, relatable examples, and actionable advice helps your audience unlock their full potential, overcome challenges, and pursue their passions. Through stories of resilience, growth, and triumph, you have the ability to project belief in your readers, reminding them that they too, can achieve great things. 


Write Your Book

When you clarity the purpose behind WHY you're writing, you create a focused and impactful book. Whether it is sharing knowledge, empowering others, or creating opportunities for yourself, the ultimate aim is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those that read your book. By sparking conversations, challenging perceptions, and inspiring action, you can become and author and create the positive changes you'd love to see within your industry and community. 


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