Write Your Nonfiction Book With Your Audience In Mind

book coaching writing Jul 11, 2023
Think of your audience when writing a book

Writing a book is an exciting process. It's easy to get caught up in what YOU want to write instead of what your readers want to hear. Tailoring the content to meet the needs of your audience is what will help them connect and impact your audience. This brief article will explore the importance of understanding your audience and how you can create a book that speaks directly to them.


Understanding Your Audience

When writing a book, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your readers needs, interests, and motivations. You want your words to be relevant and meaningful. If you can empathise with the challenges, aspirations and curiosities of those you write to, you can shape your book in a way that offers inspiration, solutions and guidance. Identifying pain points will help address your readers directly, making your book a powerful tool in your personal and professional journey.


Sharing Unique Insights

One of the biggest ways a book creates an impact is to share more than your story. Unique insights often come from research and hearing other stories that align with your message. You begin to think differently when understanding different experiences. If you can infuse your expertise and personal stories with other stories and research, you engage your reader on a deeper level and present information in a relatable and captivating way. The goal of offering unique insights is to spark your curiosity, challenge your thinking, and provide a new lens through which your readers can see. This also comes down to how you structure your book. Me personally, I open up each part/chapter with a story of someone else before the reader hears about my own challenges and expertise. I find this format works because it allows the reader the opportunity to relate in different ways within the book.


Engaging With Your Readers and Potential Readers

The involvement of your audience while you're writing is invaluable. You want to ensure your book resonates and meets their expectations. It could be a simple "What do you think of this idea", or a "Does anyone know a story about XYZ?" By actively engaging with your potential readers and community, you already establish an author/reader relationship where your feedback shapes the content. 


The key takeaway is to make sure your book is crafted with your audience in mind. By understanding their needs, insights and being open with them throughout the book writing journey, you'll create a book that makes a profound impact. Your audience is at the heart of your work and your goal is to empower them, offer valuable guidance and help them take action. 


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