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book coaching Feb 29, 2024

I want to give you an insight and a behind-the-scenes journey into the creation and strategy behind my latest book release, "Publish to Impact." In this article I'll provide you the meticulous planning and intentional placement of content within the book, as well as the tactics employed to ensure maximum reader engagement and business amplification in the book I've written.


Crafting the Title and Cover Design

Let's start with the foundational elements—the title and cover design. The title of my book is "Publish to Impact: How to Write, Publish, and Launch a Nonfiction Book to Amplify Your Business and Ignite Personal Growth." This title encapsulates the essence of the book, emphasising its dual purpose of business enhancement and personal development.

I collaborated with a company called 100covers and made sure my cover design reflected the book's message effectively. If you're a coach or business owner looking for a cover designer, I highly recommend 100covers. These are who I use in my Idea To Asset program for clients.  


Strategic Content Placement

Upon opening the book, readers encounter a soft lead magnet—an enticing offering aimed at building rapport and trust from the outset. This includes access to a free resource library containing valuable tools such as a word count tracker and chapter outline template. Placing this resource upfront ensures immediate value delivery, enticing readers to delve deeper into the book's contents.

I also incorporate a QR code which enables seamless access to the resource library, catering to readers across various platforms and devices.


Navigating the Book's Structure

The book is structured into five parts, each serving a distinct purpose in guiding readers through their book-writing journey:

  1. Writing Your Book: Establishing the why and how of book writing.
  2. Pre-Publication: Delving into editing, cover design, and strategic planning.
  3. Post-Publication: Leveraging the book for business growth and marketing strategies.
  4. Bonus Section: Additional insights on self-publishing and content repurposing.
  5. What Happens Now: Guiding readers towards the next steps after completing the book.


Lead Magnet Placement and Trust Building

Strategically positioned at the book's conclusion, the hard lead magnet offers readers an opportunity to engage further by availing personalized services. This placement ensures that trust and rapport are established prior to any service offerings, fostering a genuine connection with the audience.


Encouraging Reviews and Engagement

Acknowledging the importance of reader feedback, a dedicated page asks for reviews, emphasising their role in shaping future editions and supporting fellow authors. Simplifying the review process with QR codes and direct links to platforms enhances reader engagement and fosters a sense of community.


Final Touches and Call to Action

Concluding with a compelling blurb, the book's back cover communicates its value proposition clearly, guiding potential readers towards an informed decision. A personal touch in the author bio fosters authenticity and connection, inviting readers to connect further.


Key Takeaways

In crafting "Publish to Impact," the focus extended beyond content creation to strategic planning and engagement optimisation. Incorporating soft and hard lead magnets, structuring content effectively, and prioritising reader interaction were instrumental in maximising the book's impact and providing a reader experience that helps them solve their problems.


What Now?

As you embark on your own book-writing journey, remember these key elements: establish a clear structure, prioritise reader engagement, and foster trust through value-driven content. Whether you're embarking on your book-writing journey or seeking to amplify your business, I hope these insights inspire and empower you.


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