Why Every Coach Should Become An Author

book coaching Feb 22, 2024
why every coach should become an author

When I speak to coaches, one of the biggest questions they have is what does the publishing process look like? How can I write a book and maximize its impact? When I hear this, I recognise that the coach may have one to 20, all these ideas for a book, but they yet, haven't established a core reason as to why they want to write one. For example, a fitness coach might want to use their book as a comprehensive guide to strength, exercise for clients looking to increase their muscle mass, while a life coach might aim to share their personal journey and transformative insights to inspire others. Understanding your unique goals and the intentions you have with your book is essential. What that means is when you do that, you shape the entire writing and publishing process. 

In this article, I want to explore why every coach should become an author. I'm going to give you the 10, most common reasons as to why. Some might resonate with you some may not, but these are the most 10 common reasons why coaches write books to maximize their impact. So number one, establish authority and credibility. Publishing a book allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.


1. Establish Authority and Credibility

When you write a book, you automatically differentiate yourself as that person. Now I'm not the biggest fan of the word expert. So I want to clarify what I mean here. When you write your book, you should focus on what, you know, what you're good at, what lights you up and how you help others. When that book's published, you're then positioned in a much more experienced way against someone who hasn't yet written a book but is in the same industry as you, your credibility is almost instantly established with your industry and. When that happens, clients and those who haven't heard of you automatically put trust in you.


2. Expanded Reach and Impact

A book gives you the platform for coaches to share knowledge, share insights, with a broader audience beyond their immediate clients. And. When you write a book, it allows you to impact and inspire more people. Also reach on a global scale with Amazon and the distribution methods available to you can reach more people. So a book really allows coaches to expand their reach and impact beyond their geographical location.


3. Diversify Your Revenue Stream

Writing a book opens up opportunities for additional income. That wouldn't be in your coaching program or even beyond the royalties. I mean, obviously your royalties can be, a different revenue stream but you could also secure speaking engagements with a book and even develop products or services based on your book content.


4. Builds Trust and Connection

A well-written book deepens the connection between a coach and your client. Or a potential client. Readers really often feel a sense of trust and rapport.


5. Builds Legacy and Longevity

When you write and publish a book, You can continue to inspire and educate readers long after it's been published for decades.


6. Provides Differentiation and a Competitive Advantage

In a crowded coaching marketplace, especially online having a published book sets you as a coach, apart from the competition.


7. Personal and Professional Growth

The process of writing a book is such a transformative journey for coaches and it leads directly to personal and professional growth.


8. Establishes Thought Leadership

Writing a book means shaping the conversation within your industry and contributing unique perspectives and strategies.


9. Marketing and Branding

A book serves as a powerful way to attract attention, generate publicity and enhance your online presence.


10. Personal Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Finally, when you write and publish a book and you hold it in your hands for the first time, There's a really inexplainable. Feeling that happens and it never gets old either.


Write Your Book

In conclusion, writing a book isn't just about sharing your expertise, it's about leaving a lasting impact, establishing credibility, and opening up new opportunities for growth and revenue. So if you're a coach with a story to tell or knowledge to share, consider becoming an author and maximizing your impact through the power of publishing.



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