5 Reasons Why Every Coach Should Write A Book

#writing book coaching Jul 20, 2023
Why every coach should write a book

It's funny how life works. A few years ago I was writing books, getting attached to the process of writing. So much so, it's why I became a book coach, because there's nothing I love more then being in the trenches with clients to bring their book idea to life. 

Coaching is a powerful profession that empowers individuals and groups to make a personal impact in their life, and a professional impact in their business. While the impact of coaching is undeniable, there's a lesser-known tool that can become a game-changer in their reach and influence—the art of writing a book.

I want to convey the compelling reasons why I believe EVERY coach should consider writing a book to enhance not just their business, but their impact and leave a lasting legacy in their business. Here are those reasons


Reason#1: Deliver A Powerful Message

Coaches possess a wealth of knowledge, insights, and strategies gained through years of experience and education. A book provides a unique platform to articulate and share these valuable lessons with a broader audience. As readers connect with your book, they can experience your coaching philosophy and approach firsthand, leading to an increased understanding of your expertise. Your readers also feel they truly know you, creating a greater connection. 

With a book, coaches can reach beyond their current client base, extending impact to individuals who may not have considered coaching as a resource before. Your book can serve as a guiding light, inspiring readers to embark on their personal growth journey, even if they are not currently investing In you and your coaching services.


Reason #2: Credibility and Authority

When you deliver a book to your audience, you are part of the 1% club. Publishing a book demonstrates a commitment to furthering your knowledge and creating positive change. Readers perceive authors as authoritative figures, and this perceived expertise can significantly boost a coach's credibility. 

When potential clients and partners come across your book, they recognise the depth of your expertise and dedication to helping others. This credibility can lead to increased trust and a higher likelihood of clients choosing your coaching services over competitors.


Reason #3: Expanding Your Reach

1:1 coaching is undoubtably an effective way to make an impact in someones life, but writing a book allows coaches to expand their reach to a global scale. As your book gains recognition and popularity, it can attract readers and clients from diverse backgrounds and in cities and countries you never thought. 

Your ability to reach larger audiences can be attributed to the rise of digital publishing and e-books, authors can access a vast online market without the limitations of physical distribution. Your book can be EASILY accessed and shared by readers worldwide, creating a buzz and impact of positive change for your readers. 


Reason #4: Creating a Legacy

Coaching is more than a profession—it's a passion for facilitating growth and transformation. Writing a book allows coaches to leave a lasting legacy, providing expertise and teachings for future generations. Your book becomes a timeless resource that continues to inspire and impact lives long after its publication. By documenting your coaching principles and strategies in a book, you contribute to the growth and development of society as a whole.


Reason #5: Personal Growth

I'll always believe that writing a book can do just as much for you as it would for your clients. The process of writing a book can be a transformative experience. While organising thoughts and experiences on paper, coaches gain a deeper understanding of their coaching philosophy and unique approach. The act of reflection during the writing process no doubt lead to personal growth and a refinement of coaching techniques. 

The challenges and triumphs of writing a book provide an opportunity for you to develop resilience and determination. Even though you've been working on your resistance muscles through building a operating a business, completing the book-writing journey gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence, further enhancing your ability to support your clients in a profound, impactful way. 


Write Your Book

Writing a book is a remarkable opportunity for you to amplify your message, establish credibility, and create a lasting impact. By taking the creative leap, you can share your knowledge and wisdom with a broader audience, leaving a meaningful legacy that continues to inspire and empower individuals for generations.

If you're a coach with a passion for transformation and growth, think about your book idea and why you want to write YOUR book. Your audience and the world needs your thoughts and expertise.


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