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Across this page you will find articles and resources to help optimize your work and your life. Here are the topics where you can benefit from my work:

Habit Development: How to develop systems and apply them.

Productivity: How we can improve performance and become more efficient in work and life.

Goal Setting: The ability to know what it is you want and how to reach it.

I do not allow guest posts across my site. My main goal is to write for people who are curious, inspired, or committed to increasing their performance and happiness. More specifically, I write for people who’d like to know how to live an effective life. 

I share new articles every Monday where you can be the first to receive new content.

No matter if you’re a business owner, an athlete, a student, or someone looking to improve themselves – you can get actionable tips and advice each week to build on your day to day living.





building habits Blake De cos

An Introduction Into Building Habits

When I first began researching and reading habits, I believed it took just a few weeks of practice to implement certain behaviours into my life. The common theory going around was that it took 21 days to turn conscious thoughts

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