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 Actionable Tips That Help Develop Your Work and Life



Across this page you will find articles and resources to help optimize your work and your life. Here are the topics where you can benefit from my work:


Habit Development: How to develop systems and apply them.


Productivity: How we can improve performance and become more efficient in work and life.


Goal Setting: The ability to know what it is you want and how to reach it.


Athlete Inspiration: A personal interest of mine on how athletes overcome adversity, improve performance and achieve greatness.


I do not allow guest posts across my site. My main goal is to write for people who are curious, inspired, or committed to increasing their performance and happiness. More specifically, I write for people who’d like to know how to live an effective life.¬†


I share new articles every Monday where you can be the first to receive new content.


No matter if you’re a business owner, an athlete, a student, or someone looking to improve themselves – you can get actionable tips and advice each week to build on your day to day living.




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To maximize your productivity and achieve peak performance in life and business, it's essential to manage your energy. We can apply several strategies to help us. Humans are prone to subconsciously building up a list of tasks with no real direction. Focusing on managing your...

Nudge Theory is an idea used in behavioural science, suggesting that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions can influence a person's behaviour without even realizing. Nudge Theory is used worldwide, where most of us have no idea it's happening. The psychology behind it can be applied...

In a world surrounded by our ability to perform, we often try to accomplish too much. We juggle tasks between all aspects of our lives, where it feels like we're living on autopilot. The overload of work hinders our productivity. However, you can optimize your...

What motivates you? Is it money? Recognition? Centuries ago, motivation was driven by searching for food, water, and a safe place to sleep. Those basic needs pushed humanity forward. When economies began manufacturing, the motivation factors for humans changed. The world became more complex, where...

We all strive for something universal: Making good decisions. Some are easy to make and come from our subconscious mind, while others require a little more effort. The decisions that need more from us are often emotional and confusing choices. I'd like to view myself...