How To Live A Good Life: 6 Lessons to Live By

We all aspire to live a good life. Whether it’s increasing your income, starting a family, or travelling the world, I don’t think I’ve ever met a person that wants to live it terribly. It simply doesn’t happen. I’ve learned that if you’re currently unsure how to live a good life or not feel too great about your direction, it doesn’t say anything about you. There are other external influences, but it can come down to your perception and way of thinking. The way you perceive what you do on a daily basis determines your actions. And those actions summarize your reality.

If you want to live a good life or improve your direction, simply make conscious choices on what serves you. I’ve put together six universal lessons that help me live a good life.


how to live a good life blake de vos


#1 Stick to a routine that works


It’s proven that routines are useful for controlling stress, having more time to relax, and overall better health. A stable system provides structure and builds on forward-moving habits, creating momentum to live a better life. It will carry you through on the days you don’t have the strength to carry yourself. When creating a routine, the key is to develop consistent and regular daily patterns that move you in the direction where you want to go.

Within our daily routines, life will always get in the way. The point is to hold onto our most productive times for our most energy driven tasks and our least productive times with mundane tasks. Allow for specific events. Whether it’s a social gathering, doctors appointments or a work dinner- having a daily routine gives you the energy to show up and keep your days flowing smoothly, despite any hiccups.


#2 Be grateful for what you have


When you stop and think about what you already have, your perception of what’s not going well changes for the better. Take time out of the day to focus your time and attention on what you appreciate. Even if it’s for a couple of minutes. It can be the most basic, like cherishing your friends who are there supporting you. Sometimes it’s easy to feel bad because you’re going through a rough time and things aren’t going your way. However, no matter how bad your situation is, there’s always something to be grateful for. Just like the old Persian proverb: “this too, shall pass”. Remember that when you’re up against something.


#3 Exercise


I’m sure you’re aware that of the benefits exercise brings. Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength, cardiovascular system, mental health, alertness and concentration. One of the biggest reasons people give in to exercising is not having time due to children, career and school. You don’t need an hour out of your day. If you’re struggling for time, prioritize 15 minutes of walking, or try a bodyweight circuit at home. You will reap the benefits and eventually feel better, for longer.


#4 Look forward to getting older


People call me crazy, but I genuinely look forward to getting one year older each year. Ageing will happen whether you like it or not. I’m now in my thirties and have made some pretty great memories over the years. Here’s a list of things to look forward to;

-You stop caring about what others think
-You’ll have great memories to share
-You’ll understand which friends are there for life
-You become smarter
-You will know yourself more

But what about when you reach your later years? Will you still be happy in your 70’s? When you understand and practice how to live a good life, you will have decades to develop resilience and have practiced happiness as a choice and a skill.


#5 Rest often


Managing your energy is one of the biggest keys to performance and output. It’s why you might find students constantly tired or a corporate office worker burnt out. Society tells us to be busier, for longer. These days, performance is set up through overtime hours and a curriculum where students and teachers spend all day learning and educating, only to work on homework and reports all night. The mental focus required stretches to the point of burnout.

You can’t use your energy 100% of the time. If we try, we make poor decisions and risk losing clarity. The key is to take small breaks throughout the day and longer breaks throughout the year. You will find productivity will increase, and the overwhelming stress will decrease.


#6 Remind yourself of what a good life looks like


It can be easy to forget about how to live a good life. Before you go to bed, practice thinking about essential things you will do the following day that gives you happiness and purpose. For me, I remind myself to wake up early and write. I also remind myself to exercise. When I slip up and miss one or two days, reminding myself the night before helps me get back on track to focus on what’s important to me. Another popular way to remind yourself is to journal, writing down what you appreciate and what your ideal life looks like. It’s a great way not only to remind yourself but helps you become consistent in your thoughts, turning them into actions.


How To Live a Good Life Moving Forward


By setting up a routine of what’s essential, you can start to move forward in the direction you’re chasing. If you’re unsure how to create a routine, read this article. Once you begin to practice living a good life with a system, it becomes much easier to apply daily lessons. We have plenty of opportunities, and sometimes overthinking can get in the way. Altering your life for the better is about picking a destination of what’s important to you and what makes you happy, then taking it one step at a time to get there. Use your peripherals to recognize roadblocks that come your way and use these lessons to overcome them. Moving forward, you will be able to navigate through, and live a more quality life.