How To Create Productivity: 5 Habits To Build On

In a world of constant distractions, we continuously wonder where the time goes and why we don’t get the things we need to get done finished. 

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Being productive is a natural state, which comes from people doing what they love and honouring their most important values. When we honour our values, life becomes a whole lot more meaningful and easier for us. 

When we are not having fun and enjoying life, we are not honouring our values, in which our productivity decreases. For example, if you’re doing a job you hate, your productivity is likely to be less than it would if you were doing a job you love. 

Here are 5 helpful ways to create productivity.


1) Focus On One Thing At A Time


When we multitask, our efficiency and results reduce. Multitasking splits your brain up and it can’t effectively handle more than two complex, related activities at once. Your memory also isn’t the best. We have so much information to store in our mind that we usually become forgetful. If we focus on one thing at a time, it frees up our mind to focus on a certain goal we have.


2) Make A Micro-Habit Change


We’re often told that we need to make massive changes to see better results. In reality, it’s the micro-habits that we do daily which will create a big change. Micro-habits are those that require little effort or motivation to get done. It’s the concept that over time, the micro-habits create a bigger, more noticeable change. When practiced often, you’ll do something and not have to think about it. Some examples of everyday micro-habits are: Brushing your teeth, showering, eating breakfast, etc. Determine your goal and understand what small changes you need to make. From there, build up these habits and over time you will notice the progress and find yourself being able to create productivity.


3) Exercise In The Morning


The benefits of exercising in the morning will give you more of a productive mindset to get things done. More room will be created in your mind, as you will have less stress and anxiety after exercising. Exercise will also trigger your creativity and ideas, which is important in being productive. You’ll notice if what you’re doing requires a lot of thought, your ideas and problem solving will start to come more naturally.


4) Use Your Sunday Afternoon Wisely


Sunday afternoon can be that sad, lonely afternoon where you’re thinking about work the next day and all the things you’ve got to do. If you use it to plan, you will reap the benefits of a productive, energetic and focused week. It’s important not to plan your week around just the work you do, but plan your exercise, your goals and leisure time. 


5) Take More Breaks To Get More Done


Taking breaks allow for creativity, clearing of the mind and a boost in productivity. Too often we find ourselves not taking enough breaks when we need to. We not only don’t take breaks out of fear of not working hard enough, but we also forget to take them because of being in a habit in which we, ‘work too hard’. Break planning is key. Time management expert Laura Vanderkam, author of ‘Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done’ encourages that breaks are proactively taken. Instead of thinking how long you should break for, trial and error how long you should work for before taking a break. This will help you create productivity and better habits.


“Focus On Being Productive Instead of Busy” – Tim Ferris


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