How To Be Present In Life: Here Are 3 Ways

Many times we forget, or we don’t know how to be present in life. When we are present, we are fully engaged in our thoughts, feelings and the task at hand. If you are speaking and listening to someone, your mind doesn’t think about what you’re doing tomorrow or what you ate for breakfast that morning. You’re energy, and attention is focused on what they’re saying. Being in the present is known as ‘mindfulness’. It’s the mental state of being engaged in the now without emotionally reacting to our thoughts. If we continuously avoid the present, the mind naturally migrates to the past and become predictive toward the future. This effects ourselves and our relationships and creates unnecessary anxiety about events that may not even happen. Here are three ways in which you can become more present in your day to day life.



1. Create New Relationships


A great way to be more present is to meet new people. If you struggle to create new relationships, start with your work colleagues, or even a neighbour. You can also visit a family member you haven’t seen in a long time. By creating new relationships, you can open doors in your life that never would have existed, and it allows you to become more present. You’ll also improve your social skills and understand that you have a unique relationship with each different person, allowing you to be more mindful in how you communicate with them.

2. Develop a Hobby


Hobbies are activities that help you move away from routine life and into more spontaneous existence. Different hobbies allow you to be present in different ways. For example, if you take up yoga, it’s necessary to be aware of what the body and mind are doing. If you decide to take up writing or art, you’re going to become more present through creativity. Hobbies like this allow you to have your focus and attention fixed on the task at hand and through other aspects of your life.

Your hobbies help clear your mind of all the worries and help you become a happier, healthier person when it comes to social engagements. It’s common for friends to say “They’re so much happier now they have taken up XYZ”. You’ll often find that it’s not just you that’s more content, but the friend is happier too because they are getting a better and more present version of who they engage with.

3. Reduce Distractions


This day and age, smartphones and technology have their advantages, but also their disadvantages. Think about how often you’d hear your older family member say ‘back in my day; we didn’t have these fancy phones’. There’s a good reason for this. The older generation is more prone to be present because they were never distracted by the things of today. They seek family time over distractions because that’s what they know. Reduce your distractions by prioritizing what NOT to do. Keep your vision and goals in mind and if it’s the phone that’s distracting you from completing your task, then switch it off.


How To Be Present In Life


It’s interesting. As I’m writing this article, I’m overhearing a conversation from a lady talking to her friends on how she went on a date and how the guy ‘wasn’t present’. She said that she had been on a few dates and he’d say things that weren’t in line with his values, which made him more prone to being untrustworthy. She ended up ending any future engagements and dates with this person. One of her friends had let her know that the more energy you put into someone who is not present, creates less opportunity for yourself. I took the time to understand that statement, especially in line with what this topic is about. It couldn’t be more true. Become more present- Your health and wellbeing will thank you for it.


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