Your Goal Setting Guide

 goal setting strategy blake de vos


1. Learn How To Set Goals

By using simple methods described in your guide, you can give yourself the opportunity to action and achieve what you set out to do. No matter how small or big your goals may seem

 2. Learn How To Make Progress

Quite often we struggle to find a balance in progressing too much or too little without our goals. Progressing too much too soon can lead us into stages of burnout. You will uncover a strategy that helps you find the optimal progression point when acting on your goals.

 3. Learn An Effective Way To Apply Habits To Your New Goals

By using this simple and effective hack, you can implement habits relating to your goal much easier than using willpower or any method in forcing yourself to act. This guide will help you save your willpower for when you really need it.



Where To From Here?

Use this worksheet guide to help set and achieve goals that are in line with your life’s direction. These strategies will give you clarity, focus and action to help bring out the best in you each day.


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