28 Day Procrastination Challenge

procrastination challenge Blake de Vos

The 28 Day procrastination is what helped me write a book, improve my wellbeing and take on new challanges.

This challenge I have created teaches you how to implement the right habits as defined by you so you can become more productive. The greatest part of this challenge, is YOU get to choose what you want to improve on. It could be any of the following areas:

  • Work/Career
  • Personal Life
  • Relationships/Friendships
  • Finances
  • Any other area of life you would like to optimize

The Procrastination Challenge teaches you:

  • To become more productive. You will learn how to become more effective in your chosen area. The challenge is a simple method which helps rewire your brain to practice your important daily tasks.
  • To implement better habits. The 28 Day Challenge provides the framework to implement sustainable change in your  life.
  • Challenge yourself. Test yourself by a scoring system, which lets you know how you’re doing on a daily basis.

Where To From Here?

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