Edition#61: Durability, Positive Reinforcement, Defining Your Reason

Tips To Perform Better

1. To keep advancing our skills and building durability in our performance, we must address three areas before continually implementing the actions needed to evolve:

1. Defining your WHY (your deeper outcome)

2. Describing your process (how will you achieve XYZ)

3. Making those efforts as easy as possible

Do your current objectives allow for continual learning? How can you make your HOW stronger?

2. Ask yourself: Is there a coach or mentor I have that helps me exploit my desired skills and potential? There are significant benefits when engaging with someone you learn from. A relationship with a coach can be unlike any other personal or professional relationship—if you allow it to be

Some Words To Consider

1. Positive reinforcement gives you the power to consciously create the desired change in your life so you can target those nonnegotiable behaviours which open up the pathway for skill evolution. Our nonnegotiables help us commit to long-term improvement.

2. Every individual’s threshold in the learning zone is different. Certain factors like the type of skill we’re developing, where we’re at in the learning process, our age, experiences and lifestyle all factor into learning and producing effective results. 

Regardless of these factors, there are three attributres required to sail fearlessly into learning and growth: belief, expanding outside our comfort zone and working with a trusted source. 

Practise focusing on improving these three attributes and watch yourself perform and grow at an exponential rate. 

The Last Week

What I’m currently watching

Succession Season 4 (Kieran Culkin) on Hulu and HBO Max. A comedy-drama about the Logan family fighting for power and the rights to control the family company. Haven’t stated to watch it yet as I’ve been on holiday this week! On the watch list next week though

What I’m currently reading

This is Marketing, Seth Godin. An easy reading book about marketing and advertising strategies for all types of businesses. Insight, observation and examples are at the forefront of Seth’s writing. So far, a good read. 

What I’m currently writing 

Sustained focus. Each day, we’re susceptible to a varying change in environmental distractions, where our ability to become focused on one task for a length of time is challenging. The number of people we come across, the sights we see, the sounds we hear all contribute towards a distracted attention. Poor sustained attention is usually accompanied by fatigue and an inefficiency when completing daily activities.