Edition#60: Structuring Our Day, Enjoyable Practice, Scarcity

Tips To Perform Better

1. We have a tendency to let ineffective tasks get in the way of meaningful work. Structuring our day so we can perform at our peak in different activities lets the brain know that what we’re doing can be maintained and we expend less energy, saving it for when it’s really required. 

2. We mustn’t fall into the trap and expectations that the flow state will always provide us with the necessary experience. How we approach our situation is unique to us. 

Ensure what you practise is enjoyable.

Some Words To Consider

1. Although there’s no limit to mastering a skill, our actual performance rarely reaches the limits of our capacity. 

Several components can affect our performance: age, motivation, environment, etc. 

Evidence that skills can still be improved despite these components are seen through our learning curves and the repetition in an appropriate learning environment. 

To improve your skills, focus on building off existing positive habits

2. The scarcity in our world is no longer land, labour or knowledge. We have those in abundance. The new scarcity is our attention, and is evolving at an exponential rate. The overbearing amount of information available is more than our brain can consume, process and retain. 

How can you reduce consumption of the ineffective information you consume? 

The Last Week

What I’m currently watching

Luther, Season 3 on Stan + Hulu. A pulsating show about detective John Luther (Idris Elba) who’s moral code can often put him at odds with the law. With its suspenseful investigations, intriguing cases, and moral dilemmas, I’d describe the show as a mix between The Blacklist and Criminal Minds. Super fun to watch. 

What I’m currently reading

Evolve Your Skills, by Blake de Vos. Yep – I’m reading my own book. A week before launch, I proofread my books with my Advance Reader Team to ensure I’m satisfied that what you’ll be reading is of high value. 

What I’m currently writing 

The importance of attention. The areas you focus on, whether it’s your career, sport, relationships, skills or health, matter. 

With an ever-changing landscape of social media, technologies and mind-sapping entertainment, there’s an evident battle that plays out: The need to scramble our attention back to the present.