Edition#58: A Change To Read Think Listen, Dwelling On Experiences, Learning Mindset


I’ve decided to make a change to the format of my weekly newsletter. It’s a small change, but one I think will create a bit more engagement with my readers and one of which you’ll enjoy.

I’ll still be providing tips on performance and words to consider, but I’ve decided to replace the section dedicated to historic quotes. From this week, I’ll instead be sharing what I’ve been watching, reading and writing within the last week. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Tips To Perform Better

1. With consistency and a learning mindset, courage becomes easier to practise and fear becomes easier to manage. Ultimately, courage is the gateway to unlocking our potential and performing at our highest.

2. Rather than dwell on what you’re currently experiencing, take a step back and look at your situation through fresh eyes. What aspects of your life are triggering your stress? Where do you feel a lack of control? What can only you control? These questions employ awareness and understanding—essential components of improving your emotional capacity. 

Some Words To Consider

1. Practising a flow state is a way to encourage growth and learning. We grow tired of monotonous learning, and becoming bored or frustrated is an easy opportunity to give up on knowledge and neglect our potential. We mustn’t fall into the trap and expectations that the flow state will always provide us with the necessary experience. How we approach our situation is unique to us.

2. Having people you can share your fears with becomes a valuable resource when evolving your skills. When you’re faced with a worry or a fear that you’re struggling to overcome, share it with an individual who understands. Talking your worries through with someone trustworthy provides an outlet for action. 

The Last Week

What I’m currently watching

Ted Lasso, Season 3 (Apple TV). It’s been a long time coming, but the feel good comedy was back for a new season (and its last) this week. What Ted lacks in English football knowledge, makes up for in kindness and determination. An easy, heartwarming show to watch that has an underlying lesson: Give, and expect nothing in return. Good to see you back Ted. 

What I’m currently reading

Journals, studies and learning materials that surrounds our attention and focus. I’m in the research phase for a new book I’m working on which will be a follow up to my upcoming book Evolve Your Skills due to be released April 5th.

What I’m currently writing 

Writing has been lacklustre the last week as I’ve been working hard to get my upcoming book finalised, formatted and ready for publishing. Back to it next week and looking forward to it.