Edition#57: Psychological Growth, Brain Evolution, Sustainable Performance

Tips To Perform Better

1. Psychological growth is an important part of human performance. Without it, we remain stagnant, unmotivated beings. But with it, we experience a sense of belonging and a continual desire to practice the areas of life we seek to improve.

Continue to learn, refine and upgrade as you move through different stages of skill development, growing your psychological mind. 

2. Instead of aiming for peak performance, set your sights on improving at a sustainable rate. 

Forget about the techniques that aim to produce world-class results, focus on your unique experiences and build your outcomes from there.

Some Words To Consider

1. Coaching offers an open-ended process that analyses our current skillset and performance and works to exploit our full potential, whereas traditional teaching provides us with the opportunity to develop skills, often in an ineffective manner.

Get personal with your learning. It offers more value in the long run.

2. Our brain is constantly evolving itself to be the best one it can be. Experience is the fuel that shapes everything we see, feel, and sense, giving us the knowledge that life grows where focus goes. 

The areas you focus on, whether it’s your career, sport, relationships, skills or health matter. 

Quotes To Listen To

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, on small steps to growth

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

Author Greg McKeown, on focusing on our strengths

“If you focus on what you have, you gain what you lack. And if you focus on what you lack, you lose what you have.”