Edition#56: Bundling Behaviours, Being Better Than Yesterday, Competence

Tips To Perform Better

1. You can bring future rewards into the present if you pair them with another action. When you bundle a behaviour you avoid a behaviour that feels good in the short term, you’re likely to continue performing the activities that previously caused procrastination.

Listen to your favourite podcast while exercising.

Have a glass of wine while working on your finances.

Watch your favourite TV show while ironing.

2. To practise consistency more effectively, the behaviours must be simple enough to achieve and challenging enough to improve.

Some Words To Consider

1. How competent you are in a skill is reflected in your execution of the process involved in the activity and not the outcome of the result. Even the most skilled teams lose a championship. 

Focus on the journey and not the destination for the highest rewards. 

2. Our failures provide opportunities to pause, reflect and go again—so long as what we’re trying to achieve offers challenge, consistency and progression.

Quotes To Listen To

Japanese philosopher Miyamoto Musashi, on being better than yesterday

“The purpose of today’s training is to defeat yesterday’s understanding.”

Entrepreneur Naval Ravikant, on anxiety

“Just like a low resting heart rate is the byproduct of intense exercise, low anxiety is the byproduct of intense self-examination.”