Edition#47: An End Of Year Edition

Now is the time when we begin to wind down, spend time with family, and reflect on what 2022 brought us. For some, it’s an opportunity to review our goals, and for others, a time to make beneficial changes. New Year Resolutions are well and truly in full swing as we look to retrain our brain and focus on achieving different results. It’s often the case those resolutions fail to gain momentum because there’s no system or pathway implemented on how to get there.

Every Friday, I grace your inbox with thought-provoking words aiming to encourage a mindset to improve the quality and trajectory of your life. This week is a little different. For my second last newsletter of the year, I provide two essential aspects that help create longevity in your goals so you can continue creating a live you’re proud of. 

1. Control Your Intentions. The specificity of your goal is an essential aspect of performance. Narrowing your goals in line with your behaviours provides you with something to focus on instead of taking a broad approach. For example, your intention may be to lose 10kg, but it’s challenging to achieve because it’s not behaviour driven. If you set goals of “I’m going to exercise four times a week” or “I will plan my meals each weekday”, the control of the behaviours towards your goal are more effective. 

2. Cue Your Behaviours. Habits are a vital element towards progression. Implementing certain triggers which enable you to perform goal-achieving behaviours create longevity in your actions, increasing the likelihood of reaching what you seek. The time of day, location, and emotional state can either be a pitfall or a progression point in the goals you set. Analyse where you have previously failed and work to create an environment that sets you up for success. 

A short, and to the point newsletter, but these are the two things that helped me achieve my goals throughout 2022. 

In my final newsletter for 2023, next week, I’ll be letting you know my plans are and what I aim to achieve, as well as a 2022 year in review from what lit up my life and the challenges I’ve gone through!

Until next week,

Have a great Christmas!