Edition#41: A Special Edition

This week is a special edition of Read.Think.Listen in theme with the release of my new book ‘The 6 Pillars Of A Rewarding Life’ which is now available on Amazon. 

You can get it here

This week, I provide four ways in which I was able to consistently get words on a page and produce/publish my own book. You can take these themes and elevate them into your own life. 

the 6 pillars of a rewarding life blake de vos

1. When I first started writing, I’d focus on 250 words per day. It was originally a challenge, but definiately manageable. Over time, I became more effective in reaching the target where I increased to 500 words per day. As my output again improved, I would increase the count again. It made it much easier to complete this book with manageable targets. 

Small, manageable steps create longevity and produce greater results. Find what’s sustainable to you and move forward. 

2. The first pillar of this book had been sitting in my folder for years. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it because I didn’t believe it was up to scratch. After some rewriting and tweaking, I’ve applied it and feel it’s one of the stronger sections in the book.

How we feel about our ideas should be taken with a grain of salt. When you trust yourself in what you produce, you allow opportunity and intuition to guide you in the right direction. 

3. A lot of success comes through trial and error because It allows you to problem solve. When I got poor feedback from an original cover design, I re-evaluated my target audience and who i was writing this book for. I gained more clarity as I designed a cover I’m happy with

If something doesn’t work, rather than give up, it’s important you adjust and progress. What doesn’t work for you opens the door to another opportunity that will

4. You might want to know if I was nervous or fearful in putting my book out to the world. The short answer is no. When I started practising the act of courage as opposed to managing fear, friction in how I thought others perceived my work began to disintegrate. 

I practised through being proud in what I produce. 

If I’m proud, elements of fear are kept quiet and courageous actions become regular accomplishments.