Edition#40: Sustained Performance, Aligning Your Future, Playing The Game

Tips To Perform Better

1. The importance of our environment when undertaking knowledge and performing skills is paramount to our potential. The setting we’re in shapes the narrative in how motivated we are as we deal with our surroundings. 

2. Strategies for sustained performance is rarely taught in organisations. It’s why we see poor burnout culture and higher staff turnover rates. It’s also why the term ‘9-5’, or ‘the rat race’ has been deeply ingrained in society. Before setting foot in an environment where the risk far outweighs the reward of energy and longevity, we must implement boundaries.

Whether we work for ourselves or an on organisation, we need to start creating and negotiating our own performance pathway.

Some Words To Consider

1. What may be important five years ago may not be as relevant now. But as you continue to align your mind for intrinsic growth with each new phase of life, whether it be changing careers, starting a family, or trying something new, you’ve been practising a deeper level of maturity—allowing for greater performance.

2. To navigate your way through the learning zone, we can’t do it alone. A mentor or coach provides the resources and confidence to improve significantly than if we were to do it alone. Coaches are a motivating force. They provide feedback, encourage action, build confidence and create a safe space for your brain to think and apply. 

To find the right support, we much seek those who have walked our path. Look towards those you see value from and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Quotes To Listen To

Painter, Bob Ross on mistakes:

1. “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”

Former baseball player, Babe Ruth on playing the game:

2. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.