Edition#36: Mental Energy, The Comfort Zone, Expected Feelings

Tips To Perform Better

1. Mental energy is where the focus of our energy goes. It’s taking control of our thoughts as opposed to accepting the first thought that comes to mind. We should focus on using our mental energy to our advantage, using our mental muscles and skills to create happiness, focus, confidence, productivity and willpower within ourselves. 

The most crucial aspect in building our mental energy is entering into whatever thought we choose with optimism.

2. Psychological growth doesn’t happen overnight and requires continual learning, refining, and upgrading as you move through different stages. 

What may be important five years ago may not be as relevant now. But as you continue to align your mind for intrinsic growth with each new phase of life, whether it be changing careers, starting a family, or trying something new, you’ve been practicing a deeper level of maturity—allowing for greater performance.

Some Words To Consider

1. Although implementing actions bridges the gap between our objective and success, without a way to measure how we’re doing, we risk seeing ineffective results. Stay vigilant in what’s working and not working. If one alternative isn’t serving you, then it’s time to choose another. Many of us waste precious time performing actions that aren’t benefiting our objective. To clarify what you’re measuring, ask yourself:

How will I know when progress is made towards my objective?

How can I specifically measure my progress? 

When will I know I’ve achieved my objective?

2. The comfort zone is used to refine skills that have been developed over time and can also be used as a safety net for when future challenges become overwhelming. 

The danger arrives when you stay in the comfort zone too long. If we’re not pushing ourselves towards upgrading and improving, we risk staying in the same position and lose all opportunities for skill development.

When you begin to get comfortable, slowly start to test your comfortability and continue pushing boundries with an anchor of simple actions

Quotes To Listen To

American dancer, Martha Graham on perspective:

“What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.”

Author, Alex Hutchinson on expected feelings:

​“You judge what’s sustainable based not only on how you feel, but on how that feeling compares to how you expected to feel at that point in the race.” 

Source: Endure