Edition #28: Acquiring Feedback, Having Belief, Loyalty

Tips To Perform Better

1. There are times we feel we aren’t good enough to learn a particular skill. The overwhelming nature of progression feels like it’s too far out of reach. When you limit your ability to learn, you limit your ability to perform.

You are capable of learning an almost limitless number of skills. Shift your focus on the process as opposed to the outcome. Then you can find the sweet spot of enjoyment and performance.

2. To master excellence in your chosen field, you require feedback. Without external assessments, we are likely to reach plateaus that are hard to break.

Never underestimate the value of sharing your direction with someone who’s walked the same path.

Some Words To Consider

1. The more you practice making the right decisions based on the long term outcome, the easier it becomes to progress. You have an unconscious mind that’s responsible for unnecessary thoughts, feelings, and memories.

2. When you believe in your ability to perform under the challenges you create, the probability of achievement increases, encouraging the likelihood of applying what’s required of you.

The key to creating belief is to start small and build trust through consistent behaviours.

Quotes To Listen To

Author and leader, Simon Sinek on being loyal:

“Loyalty is the desire to defend someone when they are not there to defend themselves”

Author Steven Pressfield on being a professional:

“The professional has learned that success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work. The professional concentrates on the work and allows rewards to come or not come, whatever they like.”

Source: The War Of Art