Edition#24: Making Things Simple, Real Enjoyment, Healthy Fears

Tips To Perform Better

1. Instead of asking “Why is this so hard?”, flip the question and ask “How could I make this simple?”

It’s easy to assume the “right way” is always what’s challenging.

Find a secondary approach that makes the impossible possible.

When you’re overwhelmed with finding a solution, practice thinking “How am I making this harder than it needs to be”

2. One of the challenges we face is showing up each day and performing on a consistent basis.

When we’re consciously thinking about what behaviours we plan to perform, we wake up with an understanding and motivation to achieve what’s necessary.

It results in managing mental fatigue because the decisions we make require less effort.

Some Words To Consider

1. Real enjoyment comes from the process of creating and building something, not in the results.You spend little time on top of the mountain and more time climbing it.

Enjoy the challenges of building a career.

Enjoy the process of building a business.

Acknowledge and appreciate the difficult days in the gym.

When you get to the top, take time to enjoy the view before starting another challenge.

2. Are the sacrifices you currently make, justifiable? The required output in personal productivity is working on what’s essential.

You may be highly busy and produce a lot of output, but can you distinguish the importance of your results and define if they’re useless?

When you focus on the right type of output, you get the right things done. 

Quotes To Listen To

Harvard Business Review Executive Indra Nooyi on adaptation:

I’m still a bit of a rebel, always saying that we cannot sit still. Every morning you have to wake up with a healthy fear that the world is changing, and a conviction that, to win, you have to change faster and more agile than anyone else”

Source: Readers Digest

A Chinese Proverb on taking action today

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”