Edition #20: On Simple Routines, Managing Uncertainty and Our Privilege to Care

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We all spend our 24 hours differently. Some focus more on raising a family, while others focus more on their career and friendships. 

The difference between how effective you are in your priorities depends on the simplicity of your routine.

Many of us live impulsively, so it’s important to create a blueprint that reflects our priorities. 

But always remember: You can’t manage your time properly without managing your energy. 

You can read how to create a simple routine for better daily performance below​

Achieve Peak Performance Using Time Management​​

Some Useful Words From Me

Manage uncertainty:

Never use energy to solve problems which can’t be controlled. What you can do instead, is look at how you respond to any struggles that come your way and not let it manipulate your behaviour. 

An improvement in happiness, growth and opportunity presents itself when shifting your focus to what you can only control. 

Being able to manage ambiguity strategically is an important skill in any environment.

Performing your day in quarters:

Think of your day as if you would a sports game. There are four quarters which dictate your performance: morning, lunch, afternoon, evenings. 

If you get behind in the morning, instead of accepting defeat, you have the rest of the day to win. 

Aim to win four quarters. If you get behind, you have another quarter.

A come from behind victory is much more rewarding than letting your opposition dictate the result. 

A Quote To Listen To

Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher Epictetus on the privilege to care about fellow humans:

“One cannot pursue one’s own highest good without at the same time necessarily promoting the good of others. A life based on narrow self-interest cannot be esteemed by any honorable measurement. Seeking the very best in ourselves means actively caring for the welfare of other human beings. Our human contract is not with the few people with whom our affairs are most immediately intertwined, nor to the prominent, rich, or well educated, but to all our human brethren.”

Source: Stoic Coffee Break

Writer and designer Debbie Millman on finding happiness:

“You have to make your own happiness, wherever you are. Your job isn’t going to make you happy, your spouse isn’t going to make you happy, the weather isn’t going to make you happy…

You have to decide what you want, and you have to find that way of doing it, whether or not the outside circumstances are going to participate in your success…

You have to be able to create your own happiness, period. And if you can’t, then you need to find a good shrink who can help you figure out what it’s going to take.” — Debbie Millman

Source: Good Life Project