4 Easy Ways To Keep Fit When Life Gets Too Busy

Find it hard to keep fit? Do you ever find yourself drifting away from your exercise regime? You’re so used to a routine and lifestyle, but you start to feel your mind not being able to commit. Exercise is put

Use The Laws Of Motion For Productivity

How do we build momentum? Imagine a basketball team scoring 10 points in a row. All of a sudden the scoring dries up. The team loses energy and the opposing team makes

Overcoming Decision Fatigue For Maximum Productivity

Imagine this scenario. You’ve decided to go on a 4km run with the aim of not stopping. You’ve made the halfway mark and start to slow down. You’re into the third kilometre and start to struggle to push your body to make the distance. Your muscles are

Feel Indecisive? A 5 Step Code In Overcoming Indecision

Indecision costs us time, energy and resources. We are already overwhelmed with the reasoning and figuring out how we should do things, rather than taking action. Our ability to make a decision and act on it is what drives productivity and effectiveness. If we don’t

Gym Intimidation: 5 Ways To Overcome Gym Anxiety

I remember talking to a client at my old workplace. He was about 30 years old, feeling overweight and uncomfortable. We had a chat and he told me that he’d never step foot in a gym because of the fear of being judged and the feeling of not being good enough

Struggling For Creativity? 8 Ways To Find Your Creative Side

I believe it all starts with opening your mind up. You can powerfully unleash creativity and tap in beyond your imagination by cultivating an open mind that is open to new thoughts and ideas. There is no ceiling for your creativeness. People with open minds are more receptive with what life has to offer, and wants to experience their potential

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