focus on 4 energy types

Focus on 4 Energy Types to Improve Performance

Each type of energy plays a roll in building or depleting our energy levels. They’re dependent on the one below to sustain itself. By understanding the nature of how we expend our energy,

Your Bad Habits Guide: How to Break Bad Habits

Why is it that we can’t rid ourselves of bad habits? We tend to do well for a week or two, and then back at it with the drinking, over eating and procrastination. How is it that our best intentions are nearly beaten every time? We want to have good habits, but always refer back to our old ways

4 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Serena Williams

Athletes historically have short-lived careers due to the demands their respected sport has on their bodies. The physical toll in playing consistently for a long period of time can only be sustained for so long. Serena Williams


How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Actions

Have you ever wondered how to turn thoughts into actions? There’s a difference between deciding and taking action. You’ve just got to look around and see

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