Assess Your Quality Of Life: 17 Ways To Personally Improve

How Is Quality Of Life Relevant To Us?


The World Health Organisation defines Quality of Life as an individuals perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards, and concerns. It’s a highly subjective definition which requires assessing by each individual. For example, someone who works a full-time job and works overtime may consider their life low quality because of the hours they work. On the other hand, you may have an unemployed person with the same mindset because they are unable to find work, so consider their life low quality. Quality Of Life encompasses social, material, emotional and physical wellbeing.


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Here are 17 Ways where we can assess our quality of living and put into practice. These different ways encompass the social, material, emotional and physical wellbeing in what is ‘Quality Of Life’. I’ll also give you one piece of personal advice that helps keep me happy and my quality of life always high.


1) Stop Worrying About Mistakes


Worrying about our mistakes only keeps us from moving forward. The more we worry, the less real estate there is in our mind to grow.  It’s always easy to become angry and focus on the mistake and consequences. The key is to maintain a proper perspective. See our mistakes as a single event in the grand scheme of our life. The more we worry and are fixated on our mistakes, the bigger and more devastating we think it is.


2) Limit Our Social Media Time


Potentially one of the biggest time wasters in the world, depending on how we use it. We are all guilty for checking facebook, or social media accounts when there’s no actual reason for it. It’s a force of habit. Whether you believe it or not, social media can be avoidance in our day to day responsibilities. It can make us withdraw from social engagement and it can even have a negative impact on our mental health. A way to limit your social media time is to stop procrastinating. Get what needs to get done first. 


3) Think About Our Definition Of Success


I think in order to be successful, we need to define our own success. Ask ourselves ‘what do we want to contribute to the world?’ Think about your core beliefs and values. Then think about your habits and ask yourself, what must you be doing to achieve this? Not comparing ourselves to others is how we can get by in achieving what we set out to do.


4) Think Less About The Material Things


Create awareness in our material purchases. Choose experiences over objects. When we buy something, we buy it because it will help improve the quality of our overall experience. If we understand what the actual experience is we are trying to improve, we more than likely find that material things are not the answer. Remind yourself that a lot of the time, buying material things is used consciously or subconsciously as instant gratification. Bringing this awareness to yourself will help your quality of life and understand your needs are not in material items, but your overall experience of what you value.  


5) Let Anger And Bitterness Go


When we hold on to anger, our emotions start to take control which can be dangerous. We can let our anger and bitterness go by practicing forgiveness and gratitude, along with changing our environment. By removing ourselves from the current environment, we become more aware of ourselves and the impulsive and irrational responses are reduced.


6) Focus On Listening


Listening can be exhausting, but being aware that we are actively listening will make us a better listener. We’ll be able to remove distractions easier and mirror the person talking to you. You’ll be able to process and analyse information better, which helps us learn. Remember that listening is a skill, so practice to improve. 


7) See The Good In the People We Meet


We all make judgements on the people we meet. Why? because It’s human nature and it’s easy. But if we’re so quick to take the negative road in whom we come across, we may really miss the value in what someone can bring into our life. Next time you find yourself judging, be aware that your energy reflects onto the other person and can negatively affect you and your attitude.

8) Be Courageous

Embrace the fears you have. Try not to hesitate as it can waste time. Stop procrastinating and give things a go that you’ve always thought about doing. You’ll be thankful that your confidence will build when you get outside of your comfort zone.


9) Find A Hobby


Use the Internet to research something you’re interested in. Take action and who knows, your hobby may become a passion and turn into something you’ve never thought of before. It’ll give you a sense of purpose and life will become much more enjoyable.


10) Work Hard


Working hard forces personal development and gives us opportunities to grow. The more we grow, the more challenges we face and the better we get. Working hard teaches us discipline, dedication, and determination to want more. Find something you love and work hard at it. Whether it’s the hobby you’ve picked up or in your current job, quality of life can be improved by working hard.


11) Embrace Criticism


Criticism helps our listening skills become a lot better. Once we realise there’s value in what we’re listening to, we can become open to more ideas and reminds us that it’s okay to have imperfections. When we learn to embrace criticism, we become more motivated. We also recognise the difference between fake criticism vs. real criticism, which can also help improve relationships of the person giving real criticism.


12) Be Present


Focus and remind yourself to fully appreciate the things that happen in your life every day. Decide not to worry and dream about the future. Smile more, and more importantly, become a witness to the things you do each day. 


13) Be Organised


Make schedules and timelines on what’s important to you. Set some goals and understand procrastination. You’ll start to feel like you’re always on top of your day and won’t get so overwhelmed with the chaos of life.


14) Let The Little Things Go


By resisting the impulse to complain, we can start to let the little things go. Be aware that complaining is a mindless habit and can be controlled. We have certain expectations that force us to feel the way we feel, more different than the next person. So next time you find yourself not letting the little things go, understand what this would really mean once the moment is over. More than likely, it would mean nothing. 


15) Exercise More


Make a conscious effort to invest in your health. Whether it’s at the gym or taking a hike, exercise is important to improving your quality of life and increase clarity. 


16) Get Reading


Grab a book, get a Kindle or read online. Our brain will thank us for it and our memory will be improved. Why not take the opportunity to become smarter? There are so many benefits to reading such as mental stimulation, improved perspective, a wider imagination and an increase in stronger thinking.


17) Wake Up Earlier


By waking up early, we don’t have the need to rush. We get up on our own accord and not “When we have to”. By taking the approach of waking up when we have to, it doesn’t make us in charge of our day and we don’t own it as much as we should. So wake up early and work on something you love before you start your day. You will then be the one in control and will be the dictator of what you do that day that will improve the quality of life you have. 


Final Advice


Always Have Something To Look Forward To


You like to travel? plan a trip. Love going to the gym? plan your session. You want to go out for dinner to that restaurant? Book it. 


So many times we let other things get in the way of something we want to look forward to. I’ve practiced going to bed and waking up every day excited for something. Whether it’s writing or boxing the next day, or reaching a goal I’ve set 3 months down the track, the positive excitement is always there. Being bored is not an option. It gives me several benefits


What are those benefits?

  1. No negative thoughts
  2. Becoming more present in life
  3. Looking forward to getting older each year
  4. Always happy with the quality of life


What’s Your Quality Of Life Like?


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