Hi, I’m Blake de Vos

I’m a writer, reader, creator and learner. I truly believe that living a better, more balanced life to reach our full potential is based on creating better habits for ourselves through our own system. Here, I focus on bringing you practical awareness to this concept through habit development, productivity and effective living.

A few key things about me:

  • I live in Perth, Western Australia. Perth’s one of the most isolated cities in the world; surrounded by nature, the ocean and the Australian outback.
  • I’m a University graduate, where I studied a Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Finance and Management. My studies took me overseas to spend some time studying and travelling. I gained some lifelong friends, memories and experiences. I’d encourage you to travel when you can. Travelling will broaden your horizons and you’ll find that it will widens your view on life.
  • I’m an avid sports fan
  • I’m an extrovert, contrary to popular beliefs of who writers are. I’m a social person, and appreciate the friendships I have. I love getting to know as many people as I can and love the friends and family i have in my life.

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