4 Easy Ways To Keep Fit When Life Gets Too Busy

Recognise When We Struggle To Exercise


Find it hard to keep fit? Do you ever find yourself drifting away from your exercise regime? You’re so used to a routine and lifestyle, but you start to feel your mind not being able to commit. Exercise is put on the back burner and you start to adopt an attitude of ‘being too busy’, or ‘waiting until life settles’. All of a sudden you stop creating the time because exercising is put in the back of your mind and life demands are all you’re thinking about. Well, this is one way in which stress is created.


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4 Ways To Keep Fit

It’s no secret. Exercise has a lot of benefits physically and mentally. We know our lives get busy and we struggle to find time. The important thing is to recognise and create time to fit it in. We need to realise that we can make time during the busiest times of the year and understand that ‘not enough time’ is just an excuse our mind uses to keep it in the back so that life demands can take over. Here are 4 ways to keep fit when life gets too busy.


1) Be Time Efficient


What we need to understand is that you can get a whole lot out of a 15-minute workout, perhaps more than an hour workout, if you do it the right way. The reason for this is your mind is under the impression that an hour is a long time. You’re more prone to automatically wondering around aimlessly at the gym or checking your mobile phone between every set. When you have 15 minutes, your mind thinks you are under a strict time constraint. Therefore, you’re more than likely to train and go hard for the 15 minutes. So tell yourself that it’s ok to have a 15-minute workout and that amount of time out of a busy schedule is a non-negotiable when life demands are high.

2) Use A Home Gym


Your busy schedule may mean you’re on the road most of the day or stuck in the office. There may not be time to drive to the gym, especially if you are working, have kids, cook dinner etc. The best idea is to create an home gym. The best thing about a home gym, is it can be extremely inexpensive and you’re seeing it every day. It pushes exercise to the front of your mind. Invest in a skipping rope, a stability ball and look for second-hand dumbbells people are selling. You can get a solid workout with those and It’s extremely efficient way to exercise. Alternatively, hire a personal trainer who comes to your house. If you’re stuck for ideas, Active have great at-home efficient workout ideas which you can visit here.


3) Have A Plan


Planning is important and you’re in charge of your day. If you’re able to plan when you’re going to exercise in such a busy life, you create time for yourself. Sit down every Sunday and determine which days will suit you best to exercise that week and write it down somewhere where you’ll see it. You may miss a session, but don’t get discouraged. This system will help in finding the right days and times that suit you best. Focus one day at a time to keep fit.


4) Quality Sleep


Set yourself a bedtime and do your best to stick to it. Sleep reduces stress and the quality of sleep you get helps your mind stay on point and you’ll find that your decision making over time will help. You’ll have a better quality of life and a clearer mind to help you make that gym session.


Let Me Help You

It can be hard to make time for exercise when you endure a busy lifestyle. It’s important to keep fit and active. With the right mind, you can create time in the day you’re in charge of, so start making exercise a part of your life. If you’re looking to start making small changes, I’d be happy to help. Email me here with your questions or queries.


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