Edition#50: Correcting Your Mistakes, Thriving Environments and Transparency

Tips To Perform Better

1. The importance of our environment when undertaking knowledge and skills is paramount to our potential. The setting we’re in shapes the narrative of how motivated we are as we deal with our surroundings each day.

A chef requires a kitchen and certain ingredients to cook a great meal

An art painter needs the right light and materials to create a masterpiece

A climber needs the right tools, terrain and conditions to reach the top 

If our environment’s not conducive to showing up and giving it our best shot, then motivation diminishes and our potential stagnates. 

Audit and refine where you show up physically and mentally each day, practice putting yourself in positions to thrive.

2. Working out for 30 minutes can be more beneficial than exercising for 60 minutes.

Writing 250 words five days a week can be more valuable than attempting to write 2500 words in one day.

Implementing guidelines whilst working on a project can be healthier than cramming without direction.

Choose steadiness over instability and small wins over one large achievements. What we do consistently is more beneficial than an overnight gain.

Some Words To Consider

1. When you continue to perform an action, your experience of that action begins to change. You are no longer focused on showing up–your new focus is on performing well.

What ultimately occurs is a gradiation of experiences as you continue to break down friction with each repetition. When repeating behaviours, you stop consulting with your intentions and continue to apply action

2. Who do I wish to become?

How can I get there?

How can I measure my success?

Practice answering these questions frequently and the story your mind receives begins to align with what you seek. 

Quotes To Listen To

Former American basketball coach, John Wooden on correcting your mistakes:

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson on transparency:

“Transparency builds trust. It is important to maintain open and honest communication with your colleagues, clients and customers in order to foster a successful relationship.”