An end of year review, from me to you

It’s almost the beginning of a new year..

It’s the first time I’ve done this, but I thought I’d share my yearly review with you. It’s something I’ll do every year moving forward. 

The end of a year is and important time to analyse what we’ve done well and where we’d like to improve. The benefit provides a strong mindful focus of staying on track to achieve what we dream and set out to achieve. 

How I review my year arrives in three different areas:

1) Yearly goals

2) Where I prioritise my time 

3) Overall life assessment 

I then use the previous benchmarks and focus on one or two major areas which have lacked. 

Yearly Goals

This year I set my goal to self-publish my first book. I nailed that goal in November as I manoeuvred my way through the ups and downs of what it takes to bring my words to life.

My failures arrived through managing my focus on health and boxing as I attempted to balance out all other areas. It’s always a challenge trying to stabilise what you consider essential and what you enjoy, but the familiarity of failing helps the mind become more attentive and take a hardline approach when things aren’t working. So here are my 2023 goals:

-Publish three books

-Boxing-specific training at least 5x a week

-Travel back to Europe 


Although I directed a lot of my attention towards finishing and publishing my first book, there was a lot of wasted time in 2022. I indulged in a lot of instant gratification activities, where productivity wavered. I’ll be using a more specific approach in 2023, implementing a daily calendar that measures where I spend my time each hour and balancing it out appropriately. 

Overall Assessment (out of 10)

Health – 6/10

Mental Wellbeing – 7/10

Relationships – 9/10

Family – 8/10

Purpose – 9/10

Experiences – 6/10

Learning – 8/10

My least performing area throughout 2022 has been in my health and new experiences. I didn’t travel as much as I’d like during 2022, so will plan more trips away next year to create new experiences. I’ve also time blocked at least 5x sessions per week in boxing specific exercise. This will help me stay on track with diet and skilled learning to excel in the health category throughout 2023. 

Finally, I’ve created a yearly review template which helps you attack 2023 with a mind for success and performance based on how I’ve reviewed my year. You can download it here.

Let me know how you go!

Ps. Read Think Listen will be back next Friday priming you for a another big year ahead

Wishing you health and happiness throughout 2023.